Hello world!

This blog is an experiment in niche blogging. I have been writing an all-subject blog called Nathen’s Miraculous Escape in the styles of my friends Jeannie Lee and Ethan Mitchell for several years now. I love that format but imagine it might shed readers who are only interested in only one of the topics I tend to write about. A psychology student, for example, might lose interest after a few posts on my family life, ecology, epistemology, or some other random rant (though they might enjoy my other experiment in niche blogging here). A Joshua Tree local, family friend, or fellow desert-sustainability explorer will almost certainly tire of my deconstructions of the DSM or various essays about theories and practices of psychotherapy. That’s who this blog is for.

I live on 2.5 acres of north Joshua Tree with my wife, Reanna (and very close to much of the rest of my family) in a 24-foot, recently renovated travel trailer. I am a family therapist at Morongo Basin Mental Health’s Military Family Support Program, a songwriter and record producer, a psychology and philosophy enthusiast, staff at Not Back to School Camp, and aspiring family man. Reanna and I are also on a quest to live sustainably here in Joshua Tree, and that is what this blog is about: what we learn, on our own and from our friends and family, as we set ourselves up.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • Thanks, Robin! No, we didn’t need a permit. There is also a house on the land, though, and that may make a difference. I never really looked into it, so I’m not sure. I do know some folks nearby who lived in a trailer on their land while they built their house, so you can do it, but I don’t know if they had to get any kind of permission.

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